Julia Gillard, my new feminist heroine

I know I’m not the only woman that would like to thank Julia Gillard for kicking arse last week. Many of us don’t get the opportunity to say what we think about all those little things we constantly hear. Mainly because when we do, eyes roll around us and we are called ‘hysterical’ ‘whingy’ ‘uptight’ or ‘humourless’. Julia Gillard might be all of those things (I have no idea, I hardly follow Australian politics, it being so far away), but what she is not is ‘deliberately barren‘ just because she chooses not to have children and I think it’s safe to say that her father didn’t ‘die of shame‘. Would that even be possible anyway?

Meanwhile, a bit closer to my every day life, this article in The Guardian attracted the sort of obnoxious comments you’d usually only see in relation to illegal immigrants or benefit scroungers in The Daily Mail. It seems that meeting with friends and drinking coffee is akin to the worst kind of anti-social disorder this country has seen. How dare women actually try to make their lives with small babies bearable! Fucking liberty! Fellow feminist blogger Glosswatch has responded by starting a campaign in favour of the “Yummy Mummy” and while I’m not sure I agree with every word, I think it’s worth a read.

The Australian Dictionary is considering changing the definition of misogyny to include ‘entrenched prejudice against women’ and rightly so!  I don’t know if you follow @everydaysexism on twitter, if you don’t, you should. They tweet as part of this project where women (and men) tell of all the every day sexist experiences we encounter – all the time! It’s this that needs to change. We have the laws, but without the cultural shift in attitude, there will never be equality.

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4 Responses to Julia Gillard, my new feminist heroine

  1. Excellent post – totally agree.
    All together now: “Stop looking at my tits and patronising me!”
    Actually, that’s given me an idea for a blog post, when I’ve got a minute.

  2. thebittersweetmanifesto says:

    Yeah, they’re only tits after all.

    Look forward to your blog, will you come back and link it?

  3. Violet says:

    Or, ‘Stop looking at my tits – unless I want you to, cos after all they are AWESOME tits?’

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